Sunday, 15 February 2009

Pralus- Cuba, 75% cocoa, single origin bar

This is probably a classic bar of dark chocolate, very rich in berry flavours with a rather strong note of rainsins.

Lovely colour, beautiful mirror shine, very well tempered. Good snap, although the chocolate looks a bit grainy where the bar breaks. However, it melts well, with the hint of nutty cocoa in the first instance, followed by the liquourice and the berries, before the rainsins start coming through. This chocolate actually has a ginseng finish, with a hint of sweetness, which I think is a little unusual.

I wasn't too impressed with this Pralus bar at first, but after about 4 squares, I start to like it better. I will probably pair this with a tropical fruit, perhaps, either a sharron fruit or a dragon fruit- something full-bodied and not too sweet.

'This single origin chocolate is created solely from Trinitario, fine flavour cocoa. Peppery, spicy notes to begin with then mellowing into a more caramel flavoured chocolate with bitter cocoa notes.'

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